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Phonics - Read, Write Inc

The school teaches systematic phonics using Read Write Inc., developed by Ruth Miskin, provides a structured and systematic approach to teaching literacy. It is used by more than a quarter of the UK's primary schools and is designed to create fluent readers, confident speakers and willing writers.

All of our staff were trained in the Read Write Inc., programme in September 2016 and the programme is running throughout the school. 

Read Write Inc., understands that for every child in our school to read successfully they need to have a strong phonic knowledge – recognising each of the graphemes, decoding and blending effortlessly and reading with fluency and expression. 

The children are introduced to sounds in their speed sound lessons and they are invited to blend and segment words that contain that particular sound. 

The books that accompany the programme contain the sounds that the children have learnt and they therefore ensure that the children can read the books and feel confident at reading. 

Whilst the children read the books developed by Ruth Miskin, we also strongly believe that the children should have access to many books and develop a love of reading and an eagerness and enthusiastic approach to reading, listening and sharing books with their parents, grandparents and friends.