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Power of Reading & Literary Leaves

Throughout the school, from Nursery to Year 6, we use The Power of Reading by the CLPE (Centre of Literacy in Primary Education).  The CLPE is an independent UK charity with a global reputation for the quality of their research into literacy and teaching. Their work promotes high standards in the teaching of literacy whereby they particularly emphasise the importance of books and literature in enabling children to become confident, happy and enthusiastic readers and writers.

The Power of Reading is a comprehensive training programme supporting schools to raise engagement and attainment in reading and writing. Our staff have been trained in the programme and we all use the teaching sequences and ideas within our teaching of English. 

We supplement this with a programme called Literary Leaves, which also uses high quality texts to teach reading, writing and grammar. 

Here are a couple of examples from the Nursery:

The teaching sequences guide planning and help teachers to select the best teaching approaches to explore high quality texts in depth, enhancing reading comprehension and providing meaningful contexts and purposes for writing. The sequences include cross-curricular links so that we can really put quality literature at the heart of our curriculum.  They also show how we can embed the teaching of phonics, grammar, punctuation and spelling into a rich reading curriculum.

The quality of work produced as a result of such engaging texts has been excellent.  The children have engaged with the topic really well and this has deepened the children's understanding on the topics taught within the history, geography, science or art and design curriculum.