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Admissions Appeals

What happens if your child doesn't qualify for a place

  • If your child does not qualify for a place at one of the schools you applied for, the Local Authority will offer you a different school. This may be a faith school, a non-faith school or a school outside your neighbourhood.

  • There is no limit on how far away the school can be, but we aim to offer a place within two miles of your family home.

When you get an offer

  • We encourage you to accept the school you have been offered. If you decline it, Lewisham cannot guarantee to offer you one of your preferred schools by the start of the school year.
  • Before you accept or decline an offer, you can visit the school first and speak to the headteacher about opportunities available to your child.
  • Headteachers will be happy to show you their school and assure you that your child can excel there.
  • If you accept the offer, you will still stay on the waiting list for your preferred schools and it will not affect any admissions appeals.

The Appeal Process

Where your child has been refused a place in the school (s) you named on your original application form during the main allocation process for September 2021 admission. You may also appeal if you have applied for a new school in year (for example if your child has been attending one school and you want them to attend a different school for the coming academic year) and your application has been unsuccessful. These appeal hearings will take place in the summer term 2021 between (June to July).

The deadline for appeals is 18th May 2023. Please note that you cannot appeal for a place at any school not named on your original application form.


Further information is available on the Lewisham website: