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Values and Ethos

St William of York Catholic Primary School Mission Statement

The purpose of St William of York Primary School is to educate children in an atmosphere of Christian love.

We respect and rejoice in the uniqueness of each child, and aim to make learning a happy and positive experience for everyone in our community.

We aim to do this in partnership with parents and the parish of St William of York by:

  • Caring about the children entrusted to us for their education, and nurturing their growth and development to help them achieve their true potential;
  • Encouraging mutual respect between children, teachers, staff, parents and everyone else involved in our school;
  • Encouraging the children to develop their understanding of and relationship with God. We belong to a Catholic parish, and place great importance on our Catholic heritage and faith, but we also respect the fact that others choose to express their faith in different ways;
  • Encouraging each child to do their best in academic, artistic, musical, sporting, and other activities, and supporting those who need special help to learn;
  • Providing an inclusive community of children and adults, where all are welcomed, and where we celebrate the diversity which people of different cultures bring to the school;
  • Ensuring that each child knows they are valued, so that they can grow in self-confidence and approach their time at school as a time of exploration, without fear of being judged.

Expectations and Ethos

All relationships and behaviour in school between pupils, staff and parents are governed by the Mission Statement and adherence to Gospel Values.

All members of the community are expected to support the teachings and faith of the Catholic church. 

We place great emphasis on self discipline and respect for others. Good behaviour is acknowledged and rewarded. We have few school rules, but expect that children’s behaviour will show an understanding of the need to tolerate and respect each other.

The School’s Rules are that we expect the children to show:

  • A positive ATTITUDE
  • Show COMMITMENT to learning and positive behaviour
  • Make an EFFORT in all that they do!

We want our children to be A.C.E.